About MentorX

Headquartered in Irvine, California, MentorX provides a critical solution to address the most challenging problem that hinders the overseas Chinese students. Today 90% of overseas Chinese students return home due to the inability of finding a job upon graduation. However, when they go back to their home country, they lack the competitive advantages on the job market.

MentorX employs the latest technologies that bring the qualified mentors who are experienced industry specialists to guide students to meet tomorrow’s job requirements. The one-on-one career mentor sessions are designed for each student for which no school offers today. MentorX provides an indispensable part of learning for the Chinese students and empowers them to be successful in their careers. MentorX platform connects students, mentors and their future world anytime and anywhere.

MentorX Vision

In 21rst century, technologies are changing the world faster than ever in the human history. Our current school system that was created two centuries ago is not keeping up. New learning methodology must be employed to prepare the new generation for tomorrow’s job requirements. Innovation is unprecedentedly becoming the main driving force for productivity and the key element for solving the ever growing problems on our planet.

To fulfill such demand, individuals must be taught to be become the most creative and productive. The only way we can make the world better and more sustainable is to empower each individual, to inspire them and to spark their ability to innovate.

MentorX Mission

We deliver the career best practice, experience and leading-edge knowledge to the younger generation, challenge them, and empower them to exceed their expectations and excel in their lives through technology innovations.